Heal yourself with a
breathing technique
A very special experience on how to deal with your body in a natural way
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Three good reasons
To start your BreathWork online course

Reduce stress

Deep Relaxation technique

is a prefect Antidepressant

  • Lower your Cortisol level
  • Release more happy hormones
  • Balance your Blood pressure
  • Decrease metabolic waste

Boost your Immune system

Which is probably the best gif to yourself during this crazy pandemic times

  • Learn how to deal with cold temperatures
  • Improve your Blood circulation
  • Reduce Inflammation

Psychological trauma release

Get rid of traumas that are stuck in your sub-conscious for years

  • Learn Conscious Breathing as a habit
  • Increase your mental Focus and Willpower
  • Release emotions from your past. Even those from your childhood.

How it works
1.Fill the contact form
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Explain the journey.
Answer to any questions you might have.
I will send you an invoice and once you paid - we can arrange date and time of the first session.
3.Session and feedback
I will guide you through every step of the BreathWork course.
It could be either offline (on Bali), or online.
For online you'll need:
  • Good internet connection
  • Quite and comfortable place where you'll be alone and have no distraction
  • Have at least 1,5 hour of your time per session
  • Zoom app installed on your computer or smartphone
Per 1 hour guided session
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Per 2 hour guided session
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About me

And why I decided to teach other people

When I was 15 years old I decided to become a Doctor Assistant because I wanted to help the Human.

I was working 28 Years in different medical fields.

For 7 Years I was working in a psychiatric hospital.

At one point I just gave up. Giving pills to people seemed like not enough.

I was wondering why there is no holistic method that combines treatment for body, mind and soul.

At this time I was a single mother of 2 Boys, divorced.

I had 2 Jobs. Got depression and burnout.

I made my bucket list to go traveling for 4 Months with the plan to kill myself after it it won’t help either.

Life is unpredictable thing. Once I got back - I quit my job and decided to move to Bali.

I felt like my home is here. With all the happy and smiling people around and love that surrounds everything.

I’ve started diving in 2003 and become an experienced diving instructor later.

I love diving but what I always hated - is the cold water. Even in a warm water I had to use 7mm wetsuit while some other people were fine with no wetsuit at all!

BreathWork changed it all.

  • Now I can easily spend 10 minutes in the bath full of ice.
  • My air consumption became so much better.
  • I’ve released most of my traumas I had since childhood.
  • I feel like im full of power to do anything I want.
  • And I start every day feeling happy and grateful for this gift.

Join me on BreathWork and see how YOUR life is going to change!

Patricia Grether

certified breathwork trainer

Start your BreathWork today!
There's nothing better than being happy and healthy.
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